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Convention Advertising – Infinite Possibilities

You know what sucks? Really hoping to aspire to something and wanting to be that thing, yet making absolutely no headway in your attempts. Its broken dreams, its lost understanding of oneself, its exactly the kind of thing that pushes someone into being an “associate” for silly operations like Amway. Unfortunately that is exactly where I am in my life.

What I want to be, yet have thusfar mustered total failure, is a convention guy. I want to go to conventions. I have my first choices, but would settle for just about any kind. I feel as certain that either the Democratic National Converntion or the Republican version would off someone unprecedented opportunities to party. I had a big phase in my first year in college where I salivated at the thought of rocking a Kiss convention. But, the original convention that tempted my wildest dreams was a Star Trek Convention. I can’t even imagine how insane the after parties would be.

It is this personal historical fact that prevents me from completely trashing online business, advertising and networking conventions. Although, most of these guys are probably pretty depressing to be around for 52 weeks of the year, I just have a feeling they’d be ready for anything come convention week. Unlike a Start Trek convention where the people you’d be watching the sun come up with would probably inherently real cool people, where you’re laughing with them; the online advertisers could most certainly supply ample amounts of material to laugh at. Really, I have no preference if I’m laughing with someone or at them, so long as I’m laughing. Plus, when you have s group of people that are so tightly wound and are on their string form day to day, when you open the flood gates, I bet there’s a burst of pressure that could wipe a medium sized city right off the map…and that’s the kind of party I’m looking for.

Outdoor Advertising Idea – We Think You’ll Agree

When I was going to college I needed to satisfy my math requirements. This proved to be a little bit of a problem, as I’m much better with macaroni noodles and construction paper than I am with numbers and equations. Well, thankfully I was able to take a logic course to complete my math credits. My professor was this hilarious guy who dressed much like he was a founding member of the Trench Coat Mafia, except that he don’t carry a gun and he was remarkably adept at logic and sound reasoning. His name was Stephen and I think about him often. At times maybe because I thing that he was funny, but mostly because I am overwhelmed on a daily basis by the outlandish claims by politicians, advertisers, people in general, etc, which have absolutely not a nuance of logical basis for their claims. I think the world would be a difficult place for Stephen to wander through.

Another of these now familiar incidents that spits in the face of logic surfaced recently when I was reading about outdoor advertising ideas. From the start I’d like to point out that this isn’t to say that an illogical premise doesn’t ultimately make a claim that isn’t true. Conversely a soundly reasoned argument can also make a literally untrue statement. So, its not to say that the article I read about outdoor advertising ideas was incorrect, simply the manner in which it attempted to prove its claims were illogical and unsound, and that irritates me.

As a completely nonscientific study I feel safe in saying that I believe that outdoor advertising works. I personally believe this because outdoor advertising in so many methods and ideas continues to exist, and seems to be proliferated in greater ways and means each day. But, I wouldn’t try to pander and contribute to the already overflow of and influx of illogical claims and nonsensical attempts to support a position or claim through simply correlational links, as opposed to causal, or even worse, completely independent statements with no relevancy that are made simply to deceive. Thanks Stephen, now the world irritates me too.